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Sat Jun 22, 2019 12:35 am

Quick question about using a 2018 North Click Bar on either a Helium 3 or Element 6. I have noticed that for both kites when using the standard power knot, I have to trim the click bar to max trim to have the kites fly as if they are on a C3 bar with no Depower. This makes sense because the max trim is equivalent to no Depower. However, I find the bar pressure and steering not as sensitive at this level of trim i.e. I feel the angle of attack on the kite is not as optimal as on a standard bar and that the kite has not reached its full power. I essentially want to "click" one or two more times to shorten the backlines even more.

Change 1: When flying the Helium 3, I switched to the power knot and this made a world of difference - the kite was quick and responsive, and the power provided when sheeting in was what I expected. I was able to fly the kite at one "click" off max power.

Based on this initial data, I was considering that due to the Click Bar's Depower / trim range, that I needed to use the power knot on all the kites to achieve the correct trim. Another more severe option would be to shorten the length of the two outer lines with the provided pigtails. However, this could potentially cause me to be oversheeting the kite at max power.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Does anyone with a Click Bar have a standard method for setting the trim? Any help / input would be appreciated!

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