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Tue May 21, 2019 4:31 pm

After two weeks of tests in Egypt Marsa Alam with many testers from beginners to very advanced kiters, the following insight. Beginners like the Nitro7 because of its easy relaunch and because of its direct and uncomplicated bar feeling. Even beginners who have just driven the first few meters could easily start the Nitro7 out of the water. Advanced riders were impressed by the jump height and hangtime speed and felt they jumped higher than with their various branded kites.
I myself kite for 15 years, weigh 100 kg and jumped on the first day with the Nitro7 9sqm immediately 13.9 meters high and I also like the simple handling, the stability in gusts and the speed. I do not do any megaloops but do a lot of tricks with kiteloops and my favorite so far has been the Element6 because he does not put that much pressure on kiteloops, the Nitro7 develops a lot more pressure but he's still easy to handle and it's an incredible feeling it goes back horizontally on backroll / kiteloop
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