switch legacy bladder problems

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Wed May 25, 2016 5:08 pm

i recently bought 2 switch legacy 10m + 14m now last week i used my 10m for the first time after 1.5hr of kiting i noticed my kite was soft.
i start to check what the problem was and came to conclusion there where different leaks in the LE bladder on every side left and right. i took the bladder out i found 7 tiny holes all in the same pattern ? it look like theres a line from with stressmarks on the bladder that runs equal with LE or better where the LE is sewed together.
So today from curiosity i pumped my 14m and checked it for the same problem and guess what :( it also leaks on the same areas like my 10m althoug less because it stays ok for at least a decent session since i used this kite for a session or 15 already.

Has anyone got the same problems with this ?
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