14m and 10m nitro v4 - Portland, OR

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Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:47 pm

Have a 10m and 14m nitro v4s for sale

10m - great condition, no repairs, some leading edge surface scruff that never went through. No loose or broken stitching.

14m - good condition, canopy has a small tear from accidentally landing on a branch. I haven't used it since so you can either fix it professionally or I can have it fixed professionally here, repair cost is less than $50. Also may have a minor leak somewhere that makes the kite go soft a bit after 3 hours of kiting. I can't find the leak but if you dont kite longer than 3 hours it you will never notice it, even then it's subtle.

Price for 10m - 350 with bag
Price for 14m - 250 with bag, $300 if you prefer me to fix the tear professionally here.
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