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by thomashorton
Wed Mar 21, 2018 12:08 am
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Topic: Switch Element V6
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Re: Switch Element V6

While BRM Clouds are light weight, they are expensive. If you want a strutless kite, check out the Gong Strutless Kites - The option of a center batten works well. My 17m Gong Strutless weighs the same as my 9m E5. Unfortunately Switch dropped their strutless development other than ...
by thomashorton
Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:53 pm
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Topic: Element E5 Quiver - 7m, 9m, 11m
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Element E5 Quiver - 7m, 9m, 11m

For Sale - Element E5 quiver - 7m, 9m, 11m The 7m and and 11m were bought in 2017 and are in very good condition. The 9m was bought in 2016 and is my go-to kite. The 9m is in good condition with 5 small pin holes. 7m= $350 9m = $250 11m = $350 Or all 3 kites plus a "Controller 2 bar" for $900. Buyer...
by thomashorton
Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:41 am
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Topic: Any Single Strut kite news?
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Re: Any Single Strut kite news?

I would suggest a size that would permit an 80kg rider to foil in 8-10 knots of wind. North indicates that their 12m Mono kite can accomplish this. If Switch's 12m Mono strut kite can accomplish this, then 12m for Switch's largest size Mono strut kite is OK.
by thomashorton
Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:01 pm
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Topic: Wave kite
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Re: Wave kite

Hopefully the Element V5 will be available the first quarter 2016. Any update, Switch Team?